Her inspiration to succeed comes from her grandmother, who immigrated to the U

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Her inspiration to succeed comes from her grandmother, who immigrated to the U

S. from Ireland at 19 with no family, and her dad, who started his own business and encourages her to get outside of her comfort zone and grow.

Dorsey was a student council executive officer, a Blue-Gold board member, a member of the Padua Academy TV staff, and an active member in their campus ministry program both as a facilitator of worship and as an encounter leader.

She also doesn’t have a specific career in mind. Her dream job would be something that is dynamic and active that incorporates more than one topic.

“I’ve gotten so lucky that I’ve liked almost every teacher that I’ve had here, and I think that’s cool that they’re all trying so hard to give us the resources to succeed,” she said.

On a nice, sunny day, Dorsey can be found on the trails of Brandywine Creek Park – one of her favorite places on earth. There, she can bike and run with friends and family and escape her stresses.

Esosa Ediae

Ediae is an all-conference basketball star at Padua. She’s also the president of the school’s Health, Occupational Students in America club, a student ambassador to give tours to prospective families, a volunteer in the Blue-Gold Club, and a frequent competitor in various math and science competitions like MathWorks .

She said the hardest part of last year was taking rigorous courses at home through a screen, without being able to get the same one-on-one help from teachers and peers.

Even so, she said the challenges of taking AP classes from her bedroom helped make her senior year feel like a breeze.

“My parents, family, and faith intersect to motivate me every day,” she said. “Since I was young, they push me to believe that I can do anything that I want. That drives me because it weeds out any fear of trying new things or trying things that may be difficult.”

“We all learn to just focus on ourselves at one point and just keep going with how we’re doing rather than comparing ourselves to each other,” she said.

“They make you feel like you don’t have to stay in one place,” she said. “At Padua, you can really do anything if you put your mind to it and they encourage you to take advantage of opportunities that life brings you, wherever you are and wherever you want to go.”

The world might be her oyster, but Ediae said if she had all the money and time in the world, she’d be doing one thing: kicking back, relaxing and reading a good novel.

Emily Malone

With a passion for all things aviation has spanned her life, she said she’s dreamed of doing that for years..

Malone has served as a volunteer at the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover. She frequently acts as a World War II pilot to teach children about women’s crucial role in the war effort.

“It’s kind of unlikely because of my glasses,” she said, “so if not, I do want to be a flight test engineer.”

Malone has served as one of Padua’s representatives on the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington’s Youth Leadership Team best hookup bars Mackay 2022, as well as participating in activities spanning her scope of interests from dance to stage crew to cybersecurity.

She’s been an active member of the Padua Campus Ministry Team, serving as a leader of prayer and at class retreats, and she’s been a leader for the Agape Club, advocating for, and educating others, on issues like mental health, inclusivity, and acceptance.

As the two-year editor of the Padua360 online magazine, Malone leads the Multimedia Journalism class in updating the community about news in the school.