You can register with the site for free

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You can register with the site for free

You don’t have to pay to search for other members or send them a wink. However, if you want to message them or use the site further, you will be required to sign up for a subscription with Victoria Milan.


So, just how safe is it to use this site? One of the more concerning elements of Victoria Milan is that the site doesn’t require you to give your real name or your main email address. This means that not even the staff managing the site have any idea about who you are.

Now, from a personal point of view, this may seem like an advantage. After all, this reduces the risk of you getting ce time, this level of anonymity can pose a risk. The staff will be unable to track down anyone who behaves inappropriately.

Cost and Payment Process

As mentioned, you have to pay a fee to be able to use most of the features on the site. Now with many such sites, you simply need to sign up for a monthly (or tendermeets free similar) subscription. This isn’t the case with Victoria Milan, however.

Instead, the site deducts a lump sum. This isn’t ideal if you only want to use the site temporarily or if you just want to get a handle on what it is like. Thus, it may come across as being unnecessarily expensive to certain individuals.

One of the perks of using this site, nonetheless, is that there are plenty of payment methods that you can choose from. The company lets you pay via major credit cards, third party payment systems, and real-time service. Thus, you can pick the avenue that you are most comfortable with and minimize the risk.


There are several privacy tools in place for Victoria Milan. For instance, you are allowed to shield your identity somewhat. The site lets you wear a virtual mask or blur out certain elements of your face on a public account. This should help to mitigate the risk of being found out.

The company has also set up a panic button for its users. So, if you are using the site and your partner walks in, you can activate the panic mode. This will immediately direct you to another, innocent site. Victoria Milan also offers an Auto Logout after a certain period. So, even if you do forget to log out of your account, the site will do it for you.

Unfortunately, the site does have one policy that might put certain people off. Deactivating your profile or ending the subscription doesn’t mean that you can automatically delete your profile. Instead, you will have to go through a tedious process to get it removed from the site.

You have to fill out a deactivation form and contact the website managers personally. Even then, there is no guarantee for how long it will take your profile to get deleted. Even if your profile is deleted, the website has the right to hold onto some of the information they have provided you with.


The good news is that the security features do appear to be rather decent on this site. For one thing, it is protected by an SSL certificate and encryption. Thus, if you do provide any sensitive information to the site, you can be certain that it will be kept safe.

It should be noted that Victoria Milan does have affiliation with certain marketing partners. Due to this, there is a chance that certain types of information may be transferred to these individuals. As such, you may receive promotions and advertisements from marketers that you haven’t signed up with.